The Mental and Physical aspect of Sex


I don’t know about any “correct combination,” but I’ll tell you what I DO know about technique. It’s quite simple – HAVE one. The one complaint I hear from women over and over again is: “These guys just get me naked, slam me hard and fast for two minutes and it’s over.” NO technique at all!
To begin with, think about all the time you’ve invested in just getting there. Does it make sense to invest all that time for a two-minute payoff? No, my friend, it does not. So, why do so many guys do it? I don’t know. The little head is doing the thinking for the big head?… Maybe. What to do about it? Well…
The key to sexual success with ANY woman is time. Spend as much time as you can leading up to the act of sex, then once you begin, spend as much time as you can working that thing. Especially if it’s your first time with her. (You can rip her clothes off and have hard, fast, wild monkey-sex as the relationship progresses to show her you’re the master of many styles, but save that for later – and only do it occasionally for the sake of variety).
It all begins in your mind. Convince yourself she is a work of art to be savored and enjoyed. Undress her slowly. Compliment every new part of her body revealed by her for your personal pleasure. It’s similar to Christmas or your birthday and she’s giving you a series of little gifts leading up to the big one. Be appreciative. Let her know how much you’re enjoying her efforts. Don’t be the impatient little boy tearing through wrapping paper looking for just one prize. Be man enough to realize EVERYTHING you see, touch, taste and feel is a prize to be valued and treasured. Take your time with each gift she gives you before you move on to the next one.
That’s the mental side. One the physical side, the one tip I can give you is to use something I call “multiple-point pleasure.” Don’t concentrate all your energies, thoughts and sensations on what just one of your body-parts is doing. Make a deliberate effort to stimulate her body in at least three different locations at the same time. (Here’s something most women won’t tell you: “The entire female body is one, big erogenous zone, not just a few isolated parts.”)
So how do you do that? Here’s an example. The two of you are naked, laying side-by-side. You’re kissing and you are actually THINKING about the kiss. That’s one – her lips. (If you’re not really thinking about the kiss, you can’t count the lips, and you’re back to zero). Your right hand is resting lightly on the side of her neck (that’s two), while your fingers delicately slide along the skin behind her ear (three). At the same time, your right forearm moves subtly between her breasts (four – with extra bonus points if you don’t smash them). Your left arm is under her waist with your left hand applying gentle massage-like pressure to the small of her back (five), firmly holding her pelvis (six), against yours. While all this is going on, your right leg is sliding across the top of her left leg (seven). At this point, she is a rocket on the pad with her engines lit, ready to go into orbit. And you haven’t even pressed the launch button yet – so to speak.
So don’t worry about technique. Just make a conscious effort to be totally aware of all your senses and take the time to savor every single moment. Remember – she’s giving you a gift that, to her at least, carries with it a great value. Treat it as such… I guarantee you’ll be called upon for a return engagement



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Was going through cuckold forums recently,and to my suprise,i didn’t find even a single story in which women was intreasted. After all cuckolding is not about a man getting pleasure via watching his wife with other man,it is woman getting their sexual needs satisfied via other man. Cuckolding has everything to do with woman to have sexual experience in the way she chooses. It is all about her pleasure and her satisfaction. A lot of women started cuckolding because their patner suggested it. None was inistated by a woman. Cuckolding is after all a wife’s assertion of her sexual freedom with partners other than her husband. Cuckolding is the product of male fantasy and the wife interests. It seems to me that husband pimps his wife so he can reap the voyeuristic thrills of watching her to be revaished by another man. Cuckolding changes your relationship to your wife. Once she crosses the threshold and no longer is your faithful wife,you have to deal with powerful feeling of jealousy and inadequacy.

make your dreams come true with me


I have the ability to provide you with the ultimate boyfriend experience. I like to think of myself as being the ultimate male companion. Some would call me a male escort. Others may use the term gigolo. I despise those terms because unfortunately there is a social stigma that male companions are providing a sexual service for a price.
I prefer to use the term ‘male companion’. I do not sell sex. As an elite male companion.
There are many things I can do to make your life more exciting and pleasurable. To put it simply, I can be anything you want me to be:
*.I can be your companion at all sorts of social occasions, including company parties, dinners, weddings, nightclubs, formal events, double dates, or whatever occasion suits your needs.
*.I can accompany you to concerts, theaters, museums, sporting events,or other leisure activities.
*.I can accompany you on vacations, business travel,or any other long distance destinations
*.Is your work keeping you away from relaxation? Are you too busy in life, but need the attention of a man with no strings attached?
*.Are you not interested in relationships? Or are you in one and not getting the attention you deserve?
*.Do you want to spend time with a different man to make you feel like the sensual women that you are?*.Do you need someone who will listen to you and appreciate you as a person?
*.Could you use a gentle massage during an intimate evening with candle light and a bottle of champagne?
*.Are you looking for an affectionate and patient partner, whose only focused on you and your needs?
I am perfectly capable of doing all this…and more. It all depends on your needs. The possibilities are unlimited. If you desire, my services may have a more intimate nature. If not, I’m always a perfect gentleman.To be honest, it’s all about having innocent (or not so innocent) fun. Fun that you deserve. Fun where you get to set all the rules. Whatever you want to do, I’ll be more than willing to experience with you.
Why Should Men Have All the Fun?
Men have been hiring professional escorts and companions for hundreds of years. Why shouldn’t women be able to enjoy the same luxuries in life? I offer a wide range of companion services for ladies.For Couples:
I provide deluxe male companion services for couples as well. I offer finesse, confidentiality, and integrity. We can explore your wildest dreams and ensure you BOTH have the most unforgettable experience of your life. I will create a warm, safe, non-judgmental and friendly atmosphere for you both to relax and be pampered within.
I am asked by many couples to help them explore their wildest dreams. This is really exciting for me because whenwe show our partners what turns us on and we let it turnus on in front of them, they will almost always become aroused as well. It’s a surefire way to add another dimension of sexual truth, openness, and therefore, trust to any intimate relationship.
Many of my clients are couples who wish to experiment with swinging andwant to start off in a controlled environment. I’m used to making people feel relaxed in these situations and will not rush you into anything.
Feel free to use my services as a couple, but please understand I am 100% heterosexual. Strictly no gay men or gay male couples.

single male and swinging couples

Let me shed some light on the swinging lifestyle so you”ll have a better understanding. My mission is to provide you with the right tips and adviceto help you meet and connectwith a swinging couple. Fair enough?
As a single man, there are a few things that you should consider that most men never think about.
The first thing that you should know is that swinging is basically a couple?s activity. Couples can be called Swingers. Single men or single women are not swingers. However, single people are often invited to play with Couples (swingers).Swinging couples are usually very faithful and never see other people without their spouse.
The husbands and their wives are very much in love and are best friends. They have a very bonded relationship. This is why theyfeel secure, safe and at ease fulfilling certain fantasies. They are confidentabout inviting others into their private bedroom. Understand?
Swinging is about the fulfillingand sharing of fantasies. If you enter the lifestyle with honest desires of helping others fulfill their fantasies while fulfilling your own, thenyes I believe you will succeed as a single ?male? within the Swinging Lifestyle.
If, however, you try to enterthe lifestyle with the thought that it?s an easy and ?free? way to get laid, then naturally this attitude will notgo very far and you will absolutely fail.
As you can only imagine, it?svery difficult for single men to enter the private lives of swinging couples because they don”t UNDERSTAND the lifestyle. Most men think the wives are wild “sluts” and will have sex with anyone. This type of thinking couldn”tbe farthest from the truth.
It”s absolutely imperative you show respect to the husband and his wife. The slightest hint of disrespect might get you deleted or thrown on your ear.
There are a few couples out there who have fantasies, which involve and extra maleor maybe even four or five. However, for every couple out there looking to include males in their playtime, thereare at least 10 men trying to fill that one ?lucky? spot.
So how do you beat out the competition? If you?re a decent looking guy with goodhygiene and a likable personality your chances arepretty good. Naturally, the size of your ?tool? might increase your odds. The keyis your attitude. You must belikable, polite and giving.
Where and how do you start?
There are two things you can do. The first would be to post an ad, the second wouldbe to search ads that are already out there from couples seeking males and answer those qualifying ads.
When looking through ads that are already out there, read the ads carefully. Make sure you understand what the couple is requesting and make sure that you qualify.
You must know the ?swingingterminology?. If they are not seeking males, don?t respond to the ad. If they are only seeking black men and you are white don?t, then don”t assume you will also be accepted. If you don?t fit their requirements then do not waste your time or their time.
When you do respond, don?tjust write an email saying how much you?d like to do the wife. Tell them about yourself, provide a good description of who you are, what you look like and a littleof your desires.
If possible, include a g-ratedfull-body or head shot photo.A g-rated photo that includesyour face will get you a LOT further than just a picture ofyour penis. Unless the couplerequested a picture of your penis, don?t send it. Save the explicit pictures once youhave already after made contact and established a good rapport.
When posting your ad, post as much information about yourself as possible. Give a good description of yourself as well as good description of the type of encounter you are looking for.
Also, provide a good idea of your location; I realize if you live in a small town you mightnot want to state the name ofyour town, but at least include the name of a larger town near you. If you are willing to travel, make that clear. If you can host activities at your home, stateit. Be honest in your ad. If you are a married guy swinging without your wife behonest. Some MFM couples donot mind if you”re married.
However, I must point out that if you are a married guy?fooling? around without your wife”s consent, then to most swinging couples you?re considered a cheating husband. Most swinging couples do not tolerate that type of character.
Remember swinging is about honest and open relationships, not lying and cheating. Not everyone wants to post their face on the net or in a magazine. My suggestion is to post a full-body shot with your faceblocked if you are worried about discretion. Then once you get a response you can send them your face shot.
Remain persistent and always be a gentleman. If youreally want to join swinging couples or couples into the MFM scenario, it might take time but eventually it will happen.

HotWays to Pleasure Your Girl in Bed

Women crave for sex as much as men do (well, okay,we do have a much bigger appetite) and that means they take pleasure with sex as much as men do — that’s why it’s never an excuse not being able to pleasure your girl in bed. A hundred percent of the time, we contribute so much into making her reach the peak so it pays to be a gentleman on this one and make her go first. Now, what happens if you’re completely clueless about making love? Well, maybe you did make love with a few women in the past but were you satisfied? Was she satisfied? End the long list of doubts — here are hot ways to pleasure your girl in bed — and find out what she craves the most during sex! * Undivided attention. During sex, women need your undivided attention most of all. Don’t just get in there and focus your entire energy trying to pleasure yourself — are you even aware of the expression onher face? When things get a little too hot for you to handle, try to step on the brakes a little and think about her needs too. * Mental stimulation. Before getting into first base, remember to converse with your girl for a while — women love to be mentally stimulated before sex. Frankly speaking, women just automatically get in a mood for sex when they are mentally stimulated. So take time for a little chitchat— you will both need a little time to chill out before the real show begins.* Passion for foreplay. Foreplay is a requirement during sex — we have said it so many times before. If you want her going all wild with passion and pleasure, the best way to achieve that is through foreplay — foreplay will make sex a lot more fun and exciting for her. So give it some passion too! * Creative tactics. Stuck on your regular sex position since the beginning of time?Come on. Sex is never supposed to be boring. Sexgives you a million reasons to be adventurous and creative — you need life and passion when you’re having sex. When you do, expect your woman to do just the same — she’d be more than willing to try a few tricks and new positions with you, believe me. * A go for round two. Ever wondered why women love to cuddle right after? It is because they’ve already peaked during foreplay, they got all worked up again while you were trying to reach yours — if you’reup for the challenge, why not? A round two is definitely going to be more interesting than the first round.